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Reviews for "Enhanced!"

Woah, OneOther said pretty much everything =)

Fine, I'll just add some more points which annoyed me or confirm his/her.

0. The game is awesome. It's stylish, addicting, allowing for a variety of gameplay styles and, most of all, fun. However...

1. Camera is too slow and clumsy for a such fast-paced game.

2. There's almost no way you could tell deadfall pit from safe one. When I tried into first pits, I landed onto a platforms every time. "So", thought I, "it's a shooter without a deadfalls. Well, fine. When I should check every pit I see". But when I tried next pit, I was quite surprised... Made worse by the fact there is sometimes elements of scenery under lowest platforms, which makes you think there is another platfrom down there. And camera, yes...

3. Before you get familiar with new scenery, it's very easy to mix foreground with background, especially when in a middle of combat. It was pretty hurtful to think "okay, this enemy is behind a wall, so I can take care of those other enemies with ease" only to get a rocket to face through this so-called "wall".

4. Critical hit upgrade seem to be one of the least useful ones. I understand it increases damage of all of your weapons even further, but... 9% for a crapload of SP? It would look fine on the same level as evasion upgrade. Instead of HP increase upgrade, for example, because this one makes you TWICE as durable when maxed, which, compared with 25% decreases of evasion and adaptive skin, sounds like an overkill. And it's a first tier upgrade.

5. Maybe, it's just me, but there is so many upgrades for conserving and restoring energy, so energy pickups can become almost obsolete. Health pickups, on the other hand, are almost always useful. Maybe, there should be one upgrade for regenerating you health or healing your from your energy? There is a lots of defensive upgrades, but it's just not the same...

6. Okay, now I am nitpicking for sure, but it would be nice to be able to control distance of your dash.

I think, that's all... Hope to see more games from you =)

mrDN responds:

Thanks! For the my next games I will use all feedback that I get here.

"Crit" upgrade value so low because it can proc on every bullet. And Weapon like "1" or "3" can give you very big critical chance in total. But it seems that the low value in the description confuses people.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english :)

Started the game in normal for some minutes, then deleted the game for an upgrade I don't wanted and restarted in nightmare.

Points I've noted:
One: The gameplay of having the gun out of the main character is a nice concept. Must be used a little, but I think it gives something that make this game different from other shot'n'run games. But it's pretty hard to shoot when the enemy is above the head, when seeing how the turret and the camera move...
Two: When the difficulty is higher, DON'T GIVE EXTRA EXP FOR KILLS!!! This tends to give the player a greater advantage than anything, even if in this game experience doesn't give all the SP points and the ennemies got more health! If they want fast experience and level, they must go in lower difficulty! Playing in harder difficulties must be challenges, nothing else!
Three: The game is still challenging enough in nighmare mode, even if I prefered to see something that looked somewhat nearly impossible right at the very first level. (it becomes annoying in later levels... ^^)
Four: Static camera for a game that must be fast paced isn't a good point. When you aim in another direction, the camera must immediatly adapt for letting you see what you must see. Like in a FPS, nobody would like to lose a single second to rotate on themself. This is the same when in a 2D shooter where the camera doesn't move fast.
Five: Having an active shield that reduce all incoming damage by 70% without a cooldown is a furiously strong power in this game. Even if it cost 20 energy for 15 seconds, there's no cooldown and can act as a passive skill! And if the player use it every 15 seconds, his energy regen is somewhat reduced only by 1,3 point per second! The player can then regen more energy even if he spam this skill! (that doesn't defend him if an ennemy shot multiple bullets that do only 1 damage that can't be reduced... <_<)
Six: Also, 70% active with a 25% reduction is nearly godlike. By addition, it gives a 95% reduction. Multiplicatively, it gives a 77,5% damage reduction, so I hope it work this way (it's what I felt for the moment). Otherwise, being able to sustain 20 times the ammount of damage you are normaly allowed to receive...
Seven: Warfare processor... 5% to deal 2x damage, then +1% per level? It's an useless upgrade, or only good for taking only the first level for people who like luck! Cost 3SP at first level for 5%, then 2+n (n for next level value) for only +1%??? For exemple: why paying ten thousand buck for a great computer when you can have a pretty decent one for five hundred? Same here.
Eight: What's the use of a level-up system if ennemies drops free SP? I saw the SP gain is greater after each 10 level passed, so it helps more when the level becomes really high. (Goes with "One": nightmare mode = more SP isn't challenging)
Nine: Every weapon got is own purpose. Only four weapon, but it's enough if they all got a real purpose. For saying:
- starting machine-gun: replenish energy and fire at the same time (better when upgrading energy regen)
- rocket-launcher: fire from a safe location, good for protection and precision
- shotgun: maximum damage when closer, good for close range, single ennemies and shielded ennemies (but it's hard to use if you move a lot...)
- laser: firing through enemy, good against multiple enemies and bosses who got protective drones
- hurrican drones: not a real weapons... but very good against ennemies with shields!
Ten: L.S.S. skill isn't a life saver when hit by a single shot that can make more than 15 health. You should have given a health limit in % for activation than a fixed value. This way, upgrading maximum health can also upgrade this skill a little, making the player stronger against single powered shots (exemple: limit for 15% of remaining health: 15 to 30 health depending of maximum health). But I think is purpose isn't a life saver when I see later levels...
Eleven: A mini-map instead of a compass couldn't have been too much. Even a single blank rectangle with a red dot for the position of the player will be great, because levels seems really wide. (I'm a player who like to clean all the map if possible... for people who just wanna go to the exit, compass is clearly enough)
Twelve: The "+x damage for weapon (passive)" for each weapon doesn't work this way. I think you have given a maximum value for every weapon, then giving an output depending of the level. So, when taking the first level, you enable the weapon, then every level upgrade the weapon damages by giving +100% each level. At level 2, the player feel something like +100% damage, at level 3 +50% of the actual damage, +33% at level 4 and +25% at level 5. So, taking the second level is still good, but further level doesn't give that much power in comparison of ulterior levels. The same goes for hurrican turrets. It's not a bad point, but the description doesn't correspond to what it's really given.
Thirteen: Nothing for telling if falling can be deadly... it's a little annoying when the game mustn't be a try-and-die type...
Fourteen: Close combat ennemies are annoying. We don't have melee skills, and the camera plus turret behavior when the cursor is close make these ennemies really hard to aim. Hurrican turrets can still do the trick, but if there's other ennemies or if it's ennemies who deplete energy, the player must go in a safe position and use is machine-gun.
Fifteen: Bosses are too long and hard, even in normal mode. Where normal levels are easy with the right upgrades, bosses are too strong even with nearly every upgrades, and all in normal mode. Even the last boss is a pain in the ass in easy... 0_o


In the end,

Gameplay's interesting. But when used to the turret system for firing, it goes to a simple shot'n'run with upgrades. Could have been better if the camera & turret movement wasn't hardening aiming top or bottom. Still interesting after some hours.

Achievement system... nothing interesting. Like 3/4 of them are unlocked by playing normaly. The rest of them still can be easy to achieve (like 90% of accuracy... when given a rocket-launcher with locking ability...)

Story... somewhat blank. Given a starting story and an ending, but nothing else. Could've cutscenes for defeating every bosses or in certain levels, giving some more history or something that makes the player remember when speaking of something similar. The ending itself isn't really rewarding. Since there's written "Log #1 \ Legion of One" under the title, I hope that sequels come with a better and deeper story.

Game length... long enough to play for hours in nightmare mode.

Graphics are good, and comics-style help the game. When playing, it's like we are a strong heroine with a lot of skills and badass weapons. Liked it.

Level design are somewhat repetitive... well, we see different dispositions of items, but that's nearly all. And 7 level with the same boxs, ennemies colors, background and all... <_<
It's also hard to tell if an objet is in the background or in foreground.

Music... not variating enough, but still goes with the game. Metalic & electronic, but even if the music is different depending of the level, it seems always the same.

Sounds... humans could be more human if given some voices. I think if they were taunting, speaking or making a noise when hit, this could serve the game.

I've made it in nightmare mode to level 10, then made the rest in normal mode to watch if there's an ending. It's a good game overall, and I'll try to do it completely in nightmare mode.

(and I was a true god with my shield in normal mode... and on levels without bosses... <_<)

mrDN responds:

Thanks for so big review.

it's really hard to make game that suits all type of players. Some like hard-try games, some like easy games. Upgrade system just rewards you for wise choise. I could make tons of different backs, a lot of sounds for every enemy, tons of music tracks, comics etc. But as flash developer I have hard-limit on game size. Even now game extremely big for flash.

lovely gameplay beautiful graphics, just a good game to make the time pass by

Impressively well-made little game you got there. Personally though, I would have preferred a tighter gameplay experience, that is to say possibly a larger field of view with less camera movement, so incoming attacks can be properly predicted and evaded without having to rely too much on energy and an assortment of abilities out of which three basically do the same thing as they are primarily designed to nullify damage.

The dash for instance could have been a default ability that could have made the platforming aspect of this game more interesting as you could have designed the levels with this ability in mind. A dedicated code for altered movement by combining dashing with the already present aerial mobility would naturally enhance the range of evasive maneuvers too.

As for the camera, I've found myself repeatedly abusing it as well as the interesting albeit foreign mechanics of your mobile turret to hit enemies behind cover or off-screen, which almost feels unintended and puts enemies at a considerable disadvantage even in situations when they are supposed to have the upper hand. This is why I suggest that the camera should only move whilst you are moving sideways, and vertically only during platforming sections that would benefit from it, although zooming outward during more intricate platforming challenges to have the entire area in visible range is something to keep in mind as well.

Now, these are just my personal suggestions on how to change the game's formula to enhance the player's feeling of being in control of the action. If neither of this is what you were going for, at least consider toning down the camera movement for the sake of precision aiming and preventing motion sickness.

This game is very good. I like the level of detail that was invested in it. I have a couple of issues that I would like the developer to note: The camera moves too much; I would like it to stay with the cursor. There are some issues with english grammar in the story sequences, please revise it.

I recommend this game.