Reviews for "Enhanced!"

really sorry i hadn't run across this before. Very well put together. The only real flaws I've noticed are the already mentioned color set making the platforms and background tend to blend. I also sorta wish there was an option to reset point buys, as some of the powerups turn out to be things i don't really use. Being able to go back to previous levels and farm more XP helps a lot with that, however.

There are some shortcomings, but it's still a good game.

How did you know my favorite chicks were skinny pale redhead cyberpunk girls? :D

Almost perfect! Great graphics, responsive controls and interesting upgrade system. My only complaints are the music (repetitive) and the gun-drone system. Because of the distance between the character and the drone, enemies are able to get right up to you and drain your life. Why not make the character hold the weapon herself?
Otherwise, fantastic job!

mrDN responds:

Because I like flying drones :D

The game is very good, specially considering it's a flash game. Has multiple options for weapons and skills the heorine might use, if you earn them.
My only concern is that a lot of the difficulty in this game comes from the scenery. Blending the background with the actual stage makes it hard to determine what is solid through any other way but memorization. Additionally, with the scenery constantly moving when you switch view from left to right, it becomes kind of hard to determine when the enmy is coming. It feels like most dificulty is actually fake one created by too many drawings in the stage.

mrDN responds:

Yes, color work was not the best so scenery sometimes very frustrating :\