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Reviews for "A lifestory"

That eas beautiful, congrats on this magnificent piece of art.

golden potatoes.. mhhm :3

It is so beautiful. I absolutely love this piece. I have nothing at all bad to say about it. It was perfect. :] Thank you for the privilege to watch this wonderful video.

This is one of the greatest flash cartoons I've ever seen. It just seems like it would made by someone who was completely new to the website. I say that because it's just something that's so good as a stand alone cartoon. I love all the different styles of animation used. I think there may have been some CGI in here. It reminded me of the movie "Hugo".

I guess it's just because of the way the tails move around. It seems like the kind of thing that's up to your own interpretation. You yourself probably had some intended message but the symbolism is so strong. The lack of dialogue gives it the best storytelling of all. I am so glad to have come by this unique and amazing cartoon. Given the sheer number of things I've reviewed, that's really saying something.

I can really tell you poured your heart and soul into this piece. The animation was fluid, the character was cute and the visuals and backgrounds were creative and stunning. The music was also very sentimental and I definitely felt it belonged to the whole animation. The way you blended the stop motion backgrounds and objects with your flowing animation felt different but satisfying (that's the best word I can use to explain my reaction to it all).

The one thing that I truly cannot understand is the story. I wouldn't say it is your fault, since I know the main character goes on an adventure from his home to another planet to look for something (which I'm saying might just be me). If anything, this could be an interpretive piece of art, where the audience can take what they think and put it in this animation to symbolize what they see or feel. I'll have to look up the ancient poem, but anyways, I give you a 5/5. This is something to be proud of.