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Reviews for "A lifestory"

What can I say, it's just pure dead brilliant!

Surreal and visually stunning. Amazing music.

Oh my gaahd I havent been back to Newgrounds in like 2 years and this is the first thing I watched. The coincidences are incredible but it is safe to say today is a beautiful day and you my friends seriousley sent it with this enchanting little number. I am a huge fan of stop motion and the live action style of capturing all those textures you got...the video editing and animations were both incredible. So great! So great. Thank you so much!!!

Stunning, absolutely beautiful. This is one of the rare pieces on the newgrounds portal that make coming here worth it. Very few artworks like this exist and when one pops up, i'm always privileged to watch it. Thank you for sharing this incredible piece of work with all of us. It's always heart warming to know that when you sift through the shit that people just toss on here, whether half finished or terrible in content/quality, something like this appears just to take your breath away.

This is just so creative and amazing!