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Reviews for "A lifestory"

this was brilliant.

amazingly beautiful, poetic, it travelled me in each and every scene!! the music was like it was taken from a dream.... the video was amazingly well done and it reminded me of the little prince but with a very large amount of surrealism!! such a beautiful piece of work guys, it made my day!!

love to everyone

très poétique! bravo

Ah, stop-motion animation is so refreshing to observe. I wish I had something like this when I submitted my stop-motion instead of a rushed paper cutout scene.
The music is DIVINE. It's so hauntingly heart-wrenching.
I also admire the various overlays and compositing you've done in After Effects, and your Flash illustrations and animating skills are boss.
And the fact that you have assembled all of that into this beauty is great.
Newgrounds is very lucky to have something of this calibre on its site. In all honesty, it belongs on television.
Keep doing what you do. I am beyond impressed.

This was seriously beautiful, and the meaning of the story itself added even more to this animation. Great job, 5/5.