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Reviews for "A lifestory"

this almost made me cry , great animation and life

So sweet!
Done with so much love... the music fits perfect, the caracters are very well made, the feelings hit at the right places...
I love this <3

Wow my new favorite flash movie of all time!! It greatly reflects a lot of the emotions going through me right now in my life. Amazing choice of music too. Please keep making more works of art. You could win an Oscar for animated shorts someday. My only critic would be as much as I loved the smoothness of your animation and mix of stop motion try to clean up all the drawings a little better so they don't look so rough. Looking forward to seeing more from you :)

I happened apon your video on a day I just felt defeated, it made me shed a few tears. Ioved the part when the cat was in the cage and the paper airplane came from his parents (I assume), reminded me that we all have our struggles but there is someone who loves and care for us. Excellent animation, very heartfelt, the music the animation all were awesome.

Aw, what a cut cat! It's like the perspective is wrong somehow, when he's so short. No upper body at all. It's an amazing mixture of real and animated though, beautiful music... both alternatingly comical and oddly emotional. The music brings it to life.