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Reviews for "A lifestory"

A masterpiece.

I've loved Mr. Coo for years, and have long been impressed with the fluidity and clarity of the animation. It so eloquently delivered whimsey that was beyond language and could transverse culture. Mr. Coo has always been one of those rare gems I could share with anyone.

But this is a truly epic story, delivered in the vein of Joseph Campbell's hero.
What I pull from this presentation is the indication of an important and righteous goal. The lack of hesitation from our lovable hero suggests an acceptance of his destiny.
The rest of the symbolism comes clearly and exquisitely when I look at it in this light.
My favorite part was at the end when he took off his mask because he simply didn't need to be afraid anymore.

Thank you so much for this. What a beautiful gift you've made for us!

nachotururu responds:

wow, thanks a lot man! About the interpretation, you got it right. The original text is called 'The hymn of the pearl', if you want to look into it. Cheers!

This was amazing. It was complex simple and beautiful at the same time. I do not give 5 stars generously but this video right here is worth more than five stars. Possibly one of the best i have ever seen. Good job man! Good job!

This is really good! It is not everyday on newgrounds i see a flash and vote five on it. You earned it. I really like the mix of flash and stop animation. You made it look really good.

from all the crap that floods newgrounds, theres always a gem floting with it. this is that gem.

This was one of the most amazing animations i've ever seen...the music, the art, the story. It all has a really deep and heartwarming meaning. Thanks for making this!