Reviews for "The Mynt"

It looked like this was something new for me. I admit that I don't think it was one of your better cartoons. I think it's just because it's weird to not show any of the faces. I have seen this technique used before. It certainly seems like something that would be from a short film. I guess that's what a cartoon here is.

You actually seemed to get some things right. I think the intestines of dogs (or at least humans) do look like that. Dollars last a lot shorter. It was a good idea to use a coin. That's a funny way to spell "mint".

I'm glad it wasn't a stark commentary on they "myth of the mint" "mynt" or its validy in wolrd economics.

I liked it.

Funny cartoons and a interesting story about the coin.

this is a nicely done film: the animation is rather well done, the story is well worked out and the sounds are excellent. the focus on the coin makes the events just before the brawl hard to follow. but one picks up the thread as easily as the mynt is picked up. the quality of the story in particular and the flash in general makes me think you're film school material. you did a very decent job here almost "uitmuntend" (dutch word).

a great big thank you for this upload. wich i deem to be worth 3.75 stars but alas that is not possible so 3.5 must do.

tl;dr: a sweet, fast-paced short with excellent sound effects. well worth the watch.

TommyVF responds:

Always refreshing to write a serious review-like review. The tl;dr caught me. Thank you, thorough person.

A lot of this was pretty horrible. You know what I mean. Otherwise, unique.