Reviews for "The Mynt"

Really good, man !

wow, who knows, the coin you have in your pocket might have been shat out by some dog with rabies

Wow! I will always wash my hands after handling coins from now on. Nice video!
Btw, "mynt" is coin in Swedish as well : )

TommyVF responds:

Ah, good to know someone else got it! Tack, du grymme pojk!

A very clever and inventive adventure! Taking something as simple as a coin and then basing a whole story around its travels. The ending was a nice wrap up to that whole chain of events. The sound effects were very good and clear, bringing to life all the different characters, scenes and backgrounds.

The animation's quality fluctuates from sometimes good to sometimes bad. To anyone who is enthralled into the story, they won't notice the details, but things like the line scribbles representing a pile of coins can sometimes ruin the experience for others (although, funny enough, if the picture came through to your audience correctly, there's not much to fix). It didn't affect me too much but it's something to consider in the future when you make another cartoon. Good job! 4/5.

did the guy buy a bag of weed with a poo penny?