Reviews for "The Mynt"

I almost lost it at the end XD, thought it coulden't get better!

I really liked it, it was funny, and each new situation had me chuckle. The only part of the animation i didn't like was one part with the red and white striped shirt guy's arms, other than that it was okay. But I lost it at the end when the bird ate the coin, because i just had the line from Ed Edd and Eddy ring in my head "Stupid bird stole my quarter, flew away with it....stupid."

TommyVF responds:

Thank you for a long review! Didn't know about the Ed Edd and Eddy thing! Hah

Surprisingly this was pretty damn good... and possible.

It looked like this was something new for me. I admit that I don't think it was one of your better cartoons. I think it's just because it's weird to not show any of the faces. I have seen this technique used before. It certainly seems like something that would be from a short film. I guess that's what a cartoon here is.

You actually seemed to get some things right. I think the intestines of dogs (or at least humans) do look like that. Dollars last a lot shorter. It was a good idea to use a coin. That's a funny way to spell "mint".

Love the focus put on perspective. Great flow. The art wasn't too spectacular - I felt that midway you rushed it on some of the details, because the coin flipping and bouncing was pretty cool.

Anywho; The Audio was done very nicely and the overall story was simple, but elegantly done. Tops to you, kid.

TommyVF responds:

Thank you, kid. I'm happy to hear this.