Reviews for "The Thing About Dinosaurs"

thats pretty cool. i did wonder whow the hell that dinosaur was gonna do the pushup so thats unexpected

Eh, I didn't feel this at all, wasn't too funny. The voice acting, however odd it may have been, was wuite clear and nice though, you have some talent there, and the animation was really good, so keep up the good work!

It was good. It wasn't great, but still good. The main thing that disturbed me is that the plot was pretty poor and could have been a lot better (I liked the idea, very original and funny). Anyway, 4 stars for you kid, 1 for art and animation, 1.5 for great voice acting and sound (Loved it), another 1 for creativity and 0.5 for potential.

This was quirky and light, and didn't make much sense. But that's ok, because it's appealing and the animation style is interesting.
It reminds me of squiggle-vision ala Home Movies mixed with Adventure Time, very cool.
I would definitely like to see more of your work, perhaps with more of a plot, but of course keep the quirk. Because it works.
Keep up the good work!

SketchHeart responds:

Haha, thanks! Those both happen to my favorite cartoons so I guess it shows. But, thanks for the criticism, I'll definitely keep that in mind when I'm working my next project :)

It didn't make much of a rhyme or reason, the animation and voice acting was okay but the joke... pardon the irony, fell flat.