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Reviews for "Sonic Shorts: Volume 8"

So many authors... and this is great!

This made me laugh the least. It's maybe because humor of this series isn't for my age anymore, but it was way back when I was not 20 years old

Favorite Short of all Time!

Shadow:Faker?I think your the fake hedgehog around here!
Your comparing yourself to me?HA!Your not even good enough to be my fake.
Sonic:I'LL MAKE YOU EAT THOSE WORDS!*Floats Idle like a man*
Shadow:Hey,don't you want to hear the rest of my insults?
*Sonic grabs subtitles and shove them into Shadow's mouth*
*Falls in swamp due to eating words*
Sonic:Well,I think I showed that faker his place!
*Grabs the word Faker and takes a bite*

Second Favorite Short

Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic:*Does a Headstart*
Shadow:*Slow Headstart*
*They start flying and turn Super*
Sonic:Having fun Shadow?
Shadow:*Does middle finger*Wait a minute why am I silver?

Sonic Heros

Sonic:I can't beat Metal Sonic without you guys...
Shadow:*Reads script*"We'll distract the monster...while YOU use your...Ultimate Powers?"
Super:All we need is the Power of Teamwork!

Sonic 2006

Shadow:HOLD IT!
Super Sonic:What??
Shadow:I'm not even Silver this time--
Silver:I'm Silver!
Silver:Yes sir...
Super Sonic:Look at your hair,just like mine;That makes you "super"!
Shadow:*Looks at Spikes*Fart Sound*Don't even joke like that...
Super Sonic:See there,your "super" now!
Knuckles:Its that ego of his....HES DOING IT AGAIN!

3rd Favorite

Tails:Something in your eyes...whats so inviting,something in your smiling was so exciting,something in my heart,told me I must peck Youuu!!!
Sonic:TAILS!Damn you,stop kissing that pot and find a real girlfriend!

-My Review-

When I first watched volume 1,I began to marvel it and was so funny and terrific...since I seen volume 2 I seen well a couple of more animators have joined to show their shorts.The voices and animation actually matches.Even though I have heard crappy cussing words,annoying Omochao shorts of it...I seemly like the volume 1-8 since then I knew it would be the grand finale for a new flash collab called Sega Shorts...full of the Sega characters we never seen but only Sonic...I guess Wax you out done yourself...you made Sega as close as to Nintendo is...even though Mario is more unique than Sonic,and Sonic becoming cheap in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.I would say the fans of this paradox team has made a total difference to them...I can respect off all the work you all animators done...the team is marvelous,outrageous,awesome,and the most greatest group I seen in any other videos,flash collabs,or any others...but I have faith you keep going on...and sometimes fans get crafty and want more...so please take a break from it and have fun watching it yourself and remembering it...maybe new animators will join the fray and support the Paradox Team... (:D) ...I have the hopes and gratitude of all you all!


yeah tails i know you have a several fetish with the plant

at the end look closly at marine shes holding the tails doll