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Reviews for "Sonic Shorts: Volume 8"

it doesn't opening for me idk why?
another PS.Majin13David u like killing!

OMG!!! The second one was a OverClocked remix music! It's called "Launchface GO!".

LOL KILL THEM KILL THEM ALL! FUNNY AS HELL! the air bubble got me like that a few times

Alright! I've been waiting a long time to see this video come out after your pranks and antics. I must say, as a collaboration this was yet another success, more so than Volume 7 if you ask me! You all did an excellent job with the animation and continuation of the jokes that you made in Volumes 6 and 7. There were some odd and interesting twists throughout the video, but all I could say was that more characters who weren't related to the game could have made an appearance. Maybe, if there is a 9th Volume later on in the future you can take a shot at Antonio, who always seems to epically fail at everything he tries. Everyone here is a tallented artist and did their best to make us a good video.

With that said, Kudos to the Sonic Paradox team! You've all done a wonderful job, keep up the good work!

the one cacti made about rotorlex xDDDD ohh god it made me laugh so hard that i woke up my brothers xDDDDDD