Reviews for "BLYM"

I enjoyed the game. However, unlike some of the other reviewers I was fine with the story. I mean he is a strange little blob, what does he really have to do with himself other than go on a little adventure. There isn't anything in the game that begs explanation. The sequel even has a story set up for it 'Blym 2: The quest for hat'. I also do really enjoy the mechanism, and I think it has quite a bit more potential so I look forward to seeing what more you can do with it.

This is not to say, however, that I didn't have any points that I thought could be added to it. I think the game has a whimsical feeling to it, I would love to see more humor tossed in there. He looks like the type who may crack a joke or two. Also there didn't seem to be any Easter eggs or secrets or other such things in the game, I think this game is set up in a way that adding such things wouldn't detract from the game, but would give the player a few extra things to look forward to, and possibly reason to replay the game.

Overall, great game, I really look forward to part 2. Keep up the good work, 5's all around.

For me this game doesn't need so much storyline, maybe a few jokes... the game has a great atmosphere, 'cause the graphics, the puzzles and the sooooo coool trip-hop music work together very well. NICE WORK CABALLERO!

Awesome! Unique dynamic, smooth movement, cute animation, excellent music but a mute button for if you need to turn it off - with separate buttons to control the music and the sound effects to boot. The level design was superb, and your timing puzzles were fun, but interspersed sparingly enough to keep me from quitting a particularly tricky level entirely. I wish you didn't have the flicker effect in the opening and end sequences, as that gave me kind of a headache, but otherwise, I can't think of a thing to criticize. Fabulous work!

The story line was fantastic. Simple to follow but still interesting. The ending was hilarious (I don't use that word often).