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Reviews for "Ragdoll Ahievement 2"

good game, although i can't seem to get the last upgrade point i need after i hit one of the alities before getting all the upgrades. Oh and the fatalities i got were: Spikality, Crossbowality, Mineality, Springality, Axeality, and an awesome Fireality while the center parts of the ragdoll were frozen from the absorb fan. like how you put many different ends in it, as well as the various weapons and some challenging physics gameplay to get the various challenges.

I do not know what other reviewers are complaining about, there was no randomness that I encountered and there were no bugs where the rag doll ended up stuck at any point. The main downside I came across was the lack of upgrades, there is a good variety of weapons but being able to upgrade each one in different ways would add more of a strategy element to the game. My only other gripe is the lack of an ending, when you have completed every single achievement nothing happens and you just keep playing. All that aside, the game is highly addictive and I literally stayed up all night playing it.

good game

It was nice... kind of reminded me of the Drop Dead series, but with a more goal based system. This game has one thing Drop Dead didn't have though. the ability to design your own torture chamber.

how do you play it its not working for me still 6 stars but idk how to push the buttons