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Reviews for "Ragdoll Ahievement 2"

It was nice... kind of reminded me of the Drop Dead series, but with a more goal based system. This game has one thing Drop Dead didn't have though. the ability to design your own torture chamber.

how do you play it its not working for me still 6 stars but idk how to push the buttons

while it's not ground breaking in the sense of originality, it does refresh the scene. I enjoyed all of the different weapons and how they could be used together. The little achievement system along with money and the damage record bar worked together to make it feel like you were actually progressing along in the game. It wasn't tedious, but neither was it overtly easy. The upgrade system was also interesting. Thank you for bringing a game that wasn't simply a copy @ paste to new ground. That and the lack of adds while in game was also very nice. It also ran smoothly.

PegasGames responds:

Thank you for such detailed review : )

I won this game ;3 all dead left a body

Wicked fun, but does a game like this really need a walkthrough?