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Reviews for "Summer of 69 (Singalong)"

*Insert lenny face here*

This was a really good, fun listen. The guitar playing and every vocalist sounded so clean and well together. Very nice. Great professional studio quality! Step, you did an excellent job in mixing this buddy. :)

Haha perhaps the world would be a better place if it was ruled with music--but that could be just me.

Ceevro responds:

Yeah, Step has been great to us!

This is amazing. Love it!

Ceevro responds:

Glad ya love it!

Voting for 5 is not enought!
I can't express how impressed I was when I heard this song!
I had no idea I could find something THAT GOOD on Newgrounds!

I just wanna say that this song is amazing, the instruments, the vocals, everything went out perfect on this song.
I hope people from my country (Brasil) could see and admire the quality that can be found here!

Ceevro responds:

Wow! Now that is a compliment! I was lucky enough to learn some Capoeira, even got to study with Mestre Marcelo! Having studied the music that goes along with the jogo, I have incredible respect for Brazilian musicians!

Don't just share it with people from your country: Ask them to join in! We are still doing more Singalongs! You can find us in the Audio Forum! Axe!

This is probably my favorite Bryan Adams song and each one of you guys contributed beautifully to this cover. I can tell by the vocals that the singers were really passionate about being part of the team. It's good to hear you will continue to make these collaborative projects. Keep it up. There's nothing more heartwarming than seeing a group of talented people come together and deliver something good.

Ceevro responds:

That is entirely what we're going for. We're just people who like to sing and play picking a song we all love and singing and playing it. This is just good clean family fun, with a wonderfully diverse group of people!