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Reviews for "Paw'D"

What a cool little game, yeah it's pretty glitchy but it's one of your first and this is really well done for that.

iceey responds:

Thank you! If you drop me a note about the glitches you found, I can fix them? It'll make it better!

seems like a pretty good concept. At the start it didn't look like you could get much customisation in your character (or that might just be me missing a button somewhere 'cause as far as I could see it only said "randomise") and the jumping is laggy and seems an odd choice considering that the floor plan is laid out 3D, wouldn't it be more sensible for up to move up instead of jumping? maybe a different button should be used for jumping?
I was using the keyboard WASD controls and my ping was:
"Ping Round-Trip-Time (3): 309 ms.
Ping Round-Trip-Time (2): 286 ms.
Ping Round-Trip-Time (1): 611 ms."
according to the chat thing.
Overall it seems like a great concept and I would love to play it once it's been polished a bit, until then I'll work through the odd controls and try to enjoy it.

iceey responds:

Thanks for the review! I am working on the customization part - it never occured to me that the game could offer different patterns right from the start. It should be done by today evening.

And yeah, I noticed that a lot find jumping laggy - I should probably post on the NG forums and see if anyone has better ideas. Right now, when you press 'jump', it simply tells the game server to jump, which replies back with all the details - and if it takes 611 ms to hear back, that feels pretty delayed. Personally I find anything below 300ms fluent, but 600 (or worse, 1000) ms are a pain. I'll see what I can do though.

Being able to move up is a good idea, and I'll try to add that in. It'll make some parts (such as the café) much more intuitive than trying to simulate that with 2D platforms. It's just a major change, so it might take a bit (and I hope you can still enjoy it until then).

Cant play it says connection error #2048 wonder if you could help me out I really wanna try playing this game.3 stars cause dunno

iceey responds:

Error #2048 means that the Flash Player cannot connect to the policy server (which means that other real-time multiplayer flash games will have troubles too).

Your best bet is to find whoever is managing your firewall, and ask them if they can allow outgoing connections (from you to the internet) for the TCP ports 843 (Flash Policy Server) and 4900 (game server). Hope that helps!


iceey responds:

Right click their character, and click on "Invite"! :3
Orrrr .. type "/invite theirname" if you like typed commands. ;P

Not the best game around.. controls are hard to use, if it's supposed to be an MMO there aren't any other people around so being attacked by a group is an automatic loss. Again controls are terrible, I cant tell who I'm attacking and who's attacking me, or how to use any of the moves for that matter. I'm not sure if it's a glitch in the game, or poor game design.
The look of the game, feel of the game and everything else is great, but it ruins a game when it's hard to get around/takes a long time to get where you want to go. This game needs tweaking.

iceey responds:

Hmm .. I didn't realize, but I'll see if I can clarify that a bit in the game, thanks.
Just for the record, in case anyone else has troubles: to select a monster, click it, or use the 'e' key to circle over nearby monsters. It'll have a red spinning circle under it, to show that it is selected. Any attacks that you use go on the selected monster.