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Reviews for "Paw'D"

I like the game very much and while writing this review right now I got the achivements survivor, 10 quests, 25 quests, bluebell of your own, and am level six, so you can make a sense of where i am in the game, the only problem is i want to dye my Player, but i don't know how to get gold coins, and is there anyway I can connect my newgrounds in game name with the game page(Paw'D-~step into the paws of a hero~) and stuff? i really have worked hard on the game and don't want to have to start over again.PS -I chose mage.

Nice game good graphics but some the quests are hard as poo i give it 4 stars

iceey responds:

Thanks for the review. If you run into any tough quests, group up with a friend. In two, you'll blaze through a lot of things without trouble.

so far 2-3 hour playtime. As an avid rpg gamer (personal opinion), I must say this game has potential. Despite plenty of "plagiarized contents" (by "plagiarized contents" I mean similarities with plenty other games), you can create familiar yet unique environment for players. Not only that, the system and mechanics are pretty decent for a flash website multiplayer game.

However, the gameplay is still not player-friendly enough. I had trouble trying to click on the screen because of the small game resolution, also the map system need more tweaks and description as moving from location to location is proven to be confusing.

Then again, it is undeniable that this is one cute yet relaxing and fun game to play. I'm looking forward to some updates and tweaks and also fixes, perhaps ranged class other than mage & priest? I prefer to keep my distance without spending too much mana. Also, more varieties for character editing would be great. Plus, perhaps not very important, gender differential should be shown more clearly, perhaps with eyelashes, or slender body for gal, bulky for guy, or such.

N.P Your character designs are so damn cute
N.P.P if possible, never, ever add things such as premium items and such--as from my experience, those kind of things ruined lots of games

The control is cumbersome. Graphic Is implemented very sweet. Good approach with the avatar design but I would find it fancier if you can make the avatar independently (fur color, fur, face, particularities, etc.). The medals are also beautifully designed.

On the whole very good approach with great potential. Keep it that way :)

iceey responds:

Thank you! I know this is a bit late (I was quite busy, and then after a while had such a bad conscience not checking regularly that I didn't check at all), but do you still remember what you would change about the controls? I'm got so used to them that it makes it hard for me to put myself in the shoes of someone new.
Thank you for your review, and your nice words!

Atwork is amazing.
Thank you for making them foxes and not ponies lol.
I liked the game but I did not like:
Character moves too slow
too many items! and so little space

Game needs a bank,more inventory space or make less items!
Its ruins the fun having to manage items all the time and was main reason I stopped playing the game.

iceey responds:

A (guild) bank does exist - and so does (personal) item storage!
I'll consider increasing the base inventory space though, so that it's less of a problem until the point of the game that you do get both. Thanks for your review!