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Reviews for "Paw'D"

Hi I'm new here, like this game :D
*thumbs up*
Here's something I like :
1. Designs of the player character.
2. Chat. (Blocks of saying fuck, shit, etc.)
3. Guilds.
4. Lots of trophies, and world events.
5. Game designs.
What I don't like :
1. Slow movements.
2. Level scales for some reason.
3. Slow leveling.
Something both bad and good.
Only few players play this.
Good Reason: Nobody steal your kills and items.
Bad Reason: Cannot do hard dungeons.
Nice game work, just saw the REAL website today. Nice :)

One of the best things about it is that it's an HONEST-TO-GOD REAL FREE-TO-PLAY GAME; it isn't a supposedly 'f2p MMORPG' that charges hundreds or even thousands of bills for essential items, but instead allows you to use pure gaming skill and player cooperation to get to the good places. The high-level players actually encourage and help newbies (and thanks to the lack of exclusive items, there isn't shameless item begging!); this is amazing, I've never seen this newbie-helping behavior before. What is this madness?! I love it!

Pretty fun game, difficult when you're going solo, but with some grinding/luck, it is quite possible. People are talking about lag, I can see, and I agree with them. I myself am not getting really bad lag, but it is sometimes noticable, and my results from /ping are
' Ping Round-Trip-Time (3): 52 ms.
Ping Round-Trip-Time (2): 59 ms.
Ping Round-Trip-Time (1): 49 ms. '

iceey responds:

Thanks for the review! I hope you don't need to grind too much - I do try to add enough quests so you can level just from completing the quests, but my count might have been off. Your ping times are really good, so that's definitely something I have to look into too. How do you see the lag? Does it snap you back - or is it something else you noticed?

its so fun why you can play monster tag beat up epic boss I give 4.5 the some boss are why to op like the spider boss

at least it doesnt add furry stuff

iceey responds:

During the start of the development, the characters were human, even. Animal characters fit my drawing style though, and hence were easier to draw, so I scrapped that.

Thanks for your review!