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Reviews for "Paw'D"

i like this multiplayer game good job but do more mission and more enemies and this can be a good game on top good work good luck!

iceey responds:

Thanks :3 I'm updating the game daily (sometimes new content, sometimes "just" fixes), so it's not like this will be the final version (so far it has 360 quests over 33 levels). It'll be improved and extended. ;P

Initiating a battle is very clunky at least for warriors. You have to double click on an enemy to attack it which is nearly impossible when you have them bunched up. Using a tech like slash means that when you kill the enemy you targeted you stop attacking leading to frantic clicking trying to get the character to attack the next enemy. This coupled with the lag makes the defense quests very difficult not because you are too weak to complete them just that very often you just dont have a chance to. Even with no one else using my DSL connection lag is still a serious problem leading to an inability to get the 30 second medal in the Choco Treasure Hunt quest at level 25 (!!).
Many of the quests even the ones marked as low level are frustrating due to this and the fact that grinding is essentially the only way to beat certain quests unless you are lucky enough to find a party of people. I am not kidding I spent over 3 hours total grinding up to level 15-23 only to find the next quests in the area around Ashaya were to difficult given the many enemies bunched together

iceey responds:

Thanks for your review! One thing that might help is going to your Options and select "Attack with a single click" under "Combat" - that will make you attack immediately after clicking anything.
You can also press 'E' to circle between enemies (it'll target close monsters first, in particular if they are aggressive or attacking you), and hitting your auto-attack hotkey (1 by default) will make you attack it then. If you have any other preferred way of targeting an enemy, let me know, and I'll add it in!

As for lag, I see that you had packet loss almost each time you played - with some packets arriving up to 60 seconds late (60 391ms on Sep 30) - so I can understand why it's frustrating. If it's not DSL, I can only imagine that it's a problem with wireless. I'll send you a link so you can run a traceroute - maybe we can figure out what's going on.

Hi I'm new here, like this game :D
*thumbs up*
Here's something I like :
1. Designs of the player character.
2. Chat. (Blocks of saying fuck, shit, etc.)
3. Guilds.
4. Lots of trophies, and world events.
5. Game designs.
What I don't like :
1. Slow movements.
2. Level scales for some reason.
3. Slow leveling.
Something both bad and good.
Only few players play this.
Good Reason: Nobody steal your kills and items.
Bad Reason: Cannot do hard dungeons.
Nice game work, just saw the REAL website today. Nice :)

One of the best things about it is that it's an HONEST-TO-GOD REAL FREE-TO-PLAY GAME; it isn't a supposedly 'f2p MMORPG' that charges hundreds or even thousands of bills for essential items, but instead allows you to use pure gaming skill and player cooperation to get to the good places. The high-level players actually encourage and help newbies (and thanks to the lack of exclusive items, there isn't shameless item begging!); this is amazing, I've never seen this newbie-helping behavior before. What is this madness?! I love it!

I played this game for a year, so I got some lots and lots of experience. It's a medium pace game, so you don't have to intensely stare at the screen like how high pace games do it. It's not to slow pace either. If you say it's slow pace, try doing a dungeon. It's also where you play as a furry wolf of your coloring.

First, the game slowly gets updated. You are in no rush to do anything. You can do stuff you need to do in RL without thinking about your next plan to grind in time for a particular event. Along with updates, you can directly contact the creator; you can provide feedback by using "/feedback" and he himself will check on the report. He also plays this, so have fun playing with him; moreover, you can contribute an art or an idea to him when he's online. He will check how everyone is usually doing!

Secondly, it is heavily team influenced. Or it can be said it is heavily reliant to help each other and be friendly to each other. People help each other a lot, but that doesn't mean they're going to give you a bunch of resources (they have a life too!). You need people to run a dungeon together. No one wants to help a meanie. Almost everyone that plays Paw'd knows each other. Guilds are a REALLY great way to stay in contact with each other.
------> Chat stuff: You are able to put links in there! People can copy and paste stuff, so you can share links. You are able to quickly switch between different chats (guild, party, whisper, allies, say). In regular chat, item you picked up will appear in here, also any announcements.

Third, there is no competition because there is no ranks or extreme PvP (Player v.s. Player). There is no ranks for a reason, which is to not inspire any hated rivalry. You can have a fun time playing with your skills against other players in PvP, with only your skills and knowledge about the other team. Also, at 10PM GMT (3PM Pacific Time), there is TvT (Team v.s. Team), which is called the Battle for Schwartzwald Castle! Lots of people usually get on during this time; therefore, lots of dungeon runs after TvT.

Fourth, there are dungeons (if you didn't get it already). Each dungeon is challenging. The usual team is a healer (priest), a DPS (damage per second) person, and a tank (warrior) who will take all the hits for the team. The tank will be healed by the healer, while the DPS keeps fighting the boss before the situation gets worse. After each boss fight, (ANY boss fight, even ones outside of dungeons) there is a log that recorded all of your actions. You can view these logs any time until they are deleted; this is helpful to tell what happened.

Fifth, you are able to tag your session. This will save the entire session of what you did in like a video. You have to go to the website to check it. Then, you can record the actual tagged session with your own recording software. You can also take screenshots and it'll save on the account on the actual website.

Sixth, this is on newgrounds. If you play from Newgrounds, you can play with your Newgrounds account; however, you cannot access your account on the website. I found a way; you take a screenshot and go to the link which has your screenshot, which will automatically sign you in. But other than that, you won't be able to access your videos or screenshots.