Reviews for "Office Song"

man, i love psychedelic cartoons, nice song at the end, weirded me out but that's whats so good about it.

Hm. The animation isn't the BEST, but it is pretty good. The first 75% of the video was strange and odd, but in a way...I like it. It's nothing really speacial, but it's not really bad either. The title is also slightly misleading. There was a "song" in there, but it just felt rushed and bland over all. The majority of the animation is obviously surreal, but like I said, I like that kind of stuff. If the video was called "Office Trip", I would get a better understanding of what the video was mainly about. Even the acid trip didn't give me much. I just kind of left this animation feeling...empty inside.

5 seconds of rhyming and base does not equal a rap song when you put the equivalent of drug induced hallucinations to take up the majority of the video. The description of your animation link is misleading and next time you should take into consideration what your video is really animated to convey, The animation is good but you made the link description misleading to target an audience that wanted to see a rap video not a 5 second poem about working in the office with some trippy animated art leading up to it.

Can't believe there are so many no--name plebs that literally don't know who Marc.M is.

Trippy, but cool. Alright, you've got me.