Reviews for "Office Song"

would be better at a higher frame rate but still alright

Yeah this is the stuff!

A bit different from the usual Sick Animations formula but of course it's a fun little movie from start to finish as always. The animation reminds me a bit of Gravity falls and is pretty trippy to even more so compared to the usual toons. That said Two thumbs up as usual and I can't wait to see what else you got in store! :)

that made me laugh :)
i really like the trippy effects

Well, while the actual humor was a bit off in my Opinion though some of the animation was actually decent. Only the beginning and the end animation wise were any good. Throughout the middle section with the hallucinations there was a very off framerate so i think you just need to work a little on smoothness of the animation throughout. I dont know about any of the humor in the content itself but im sure someone will find this funny.

You have my regards.