Reviews for "Office Song"

I was pretty impressed by this. I really didn't understand where this was even going. It seems like your animation style has changed. It's more colorful. Well, I guess that's not animation. I really love how it ends like that.

It makes as much sense as the cartoon itself. That is, it didn't make any sense. These guys look like they have black eyes. Everything is really exaggerated here. I guess he was praising his boss' penis.

delics are great

I don't think i could watch anything better tonight! 12/3 and six thumbs up.

Again, awful. Write something remotely intelligent, coherent, or at least amusing. The animation was "good", but the overall "joke" or comedic goal of the flick was completely absent. I just simply don't understand why this is considered comedy.

I didn't think it was very funny but I liked the art, it reminded me of Gravity Falls.