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Reviews for "The queen of snakes"

Why can I not give 6 stars?!?
Best game on here in an age, perfect difficulty, beautiful art, great music, great idea and story!

My one suggestion, make it so the mouse pointer changes when over an interactive item, I spent a lot of time clicking on everything in case it was useable which spoiled the magic a little.

But perfect game, roll on the sequel!

Great game! Loved the artwork! I got stuck a few times, but I finally figured it out!

Amazing game. It's self explanatory and easy to play. Every answer is accessible and I'd say it's pretty hard to get stuck since there is many help all along the game: in the two books lies many solutions, and if it's not in the books held by the statues, it's in the room of the problem... You just have to follow the instructions, nothing else! It's a "walkthrough included" kind of game. The drawings are also very nice, it adds a lot to the game.

Wow-This is gorgeous. (.. as I think of a very difficult velvet poster to color in with markers - only impossible?) I love the puzzles, the character(s), the awesome sound effects, everything. From one artist/designer to another, this needs to be shared and experienced everywhere. Thanks for letting us enjoy your talents. (Time to spread the word! Then get back to the game)

My God, it's been a while since I last played this incredible game and it's still as great as the first time!!!
I wish you made games with your amazing style that cover different eras and "universes". For example , if this an Indiana Jones/archaeology adventure and your other game Humanoid 47 its science-fiction equivalent, I'd like to see other games in the same vein and with the same artwork but with pirates, wild west, world wars, etc. Like if they were siblings but living in different dimensions. Hope you give this idea a thought.