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Reviews for "The queen of snakes"

The game is pretty bad. The graphics are just plain scary.

I did it! :D
Great art, and the puzzles are very challangeing. I liked the outtro!

Gorgeous artwork in a game that's full of personality and fun--exactly what I love to have in a game! What more can I say? Just about everything here works perfectly the way it is. Not only does it make enjoyable the tasks of finding objects and solving puzzles, but it delivers remarkably interesting details to feast my sight on. The only notable flaws are a few occasions where the details of the design makes finding useful objects or active areas a bit frustrating.

P.S. I've also played and enjoyed Humanoid 47, but I think this one is still my favorite of the two.

joninetynine responds:

Thank you. This game is the most recent. For the next, I'll find a trick to make it easier to know where to click.