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Reviews for "The queen of snakes"

Perfect difficulty! Not too easy, not too hard.
The artwork is crazy, but really really beautiful - i love all the details :)
Great music and funny intro/outro.

One of the best games on newgrounds - more please!

What keeps me from rating it 5* is the easiness and shortness. But the artwork and music make it very enjoyable. One of a kind.

Great game! Loved the artwork! I got stuck a few times, but I finally figured it out!

Why can I not give 6 stars?!?
Best game on here in an age, perfect difficulty, beautiful art, great music, great idea and story!

My one suggestion, make it so the mouse pointer changes when over an interactive item, I spent a lot of time clicking on everything in case it was useable which spoiled the magic a little.

But perfect game, roll on the sequel!

I found this game incredibly hard to figure out. Cant get past the start. The intro movie is hilarious... just don't understand how to solve the puzzle aspect or what to do with my inventory... maybe hints or hidden messages that help you figure out the puzzles??