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Reviews for "The queen of snakes"

I got stuck there for a little while but overall the game is amazing and so is the art.

Also, what were the tiger and the henchmen doing under those bushes...?

the art is simply fabulous! although there's a tendency where in it gets confusing cuz there's a lot of things going on with the art... somehow, it's hard to distinguish the clickable ones from all of those detailed art...

Great!!! especially the music!!

Amazing game. It's self explanatory and easy to play. Every answer is accessible and I'd say it's pretty hard to get stuck since there is many help all along the game: in the two books lies many solutions, and if it's not in the books held by the statues, it's in the room of the problem... You just have to follow the instructions, nothing else! It's a "walkthrough included" kind of game. The drawings are also very nice, it adds a lot to the game.

Honestly, the game was going alright, (although it lacked any type of direction what-so-ever); now, however, I'm stuck somewhere after I activated the mirrors through the snake's eyes. It's reflecting all the way to the female center piece with her mouth gaping wide. I do see there is an area (clickable, of course) that I can insert something of a "hand". However, the only objects in my 'inventory' are a 'gear' (from the beginning) and a 'circle' piece that sits beside the gear in the inventory. I absolutely have no where to go, no direction, and am sure I've missed something. I've checked every room, though. I'm missing something minuscule. I don't like the lack of direction in this game. Help anyone?