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Reviews for "The queen of snakes"

Excellent :)

I had to knock a star off because sometimes the puzzles were either hard to spot with the rest of the artwork, or bit tricky to work out what they were and what they expected me to do (that combination puzzle in the triangle room...) but otherwise a good fun game

very interesting art style! i really liked how the music changed as you near the end/climax. yeah, the art style really blew me away, it reminds me of one of those children's book stories. in a good way ;) i wish there was more lead up to what this snake goddess/king/cult thing was though, it could have really enhanced this neat story, but it does allow me to sort of think of my own interpretation. great job nevertheless.

For the people stuck on the mirror, click on the picture where that big snake woman is, then click on the blue circles


the ending, the music, the art :)

i love it!