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Reviews for "The queen of snakes"

I can't get enough of the mosaic style in your games. The story and gameplay keep me coming back for more. MOAR!

I love the artwork! It's beautiful!! Yet that was also the cause for deducting half a star for this game, because the artwork made finding objects really difficult and I spent a lot of time clicking the screen just because I'd sometimes not find all the objects required. That was a bit tedious. Any action or indication that shows that an object is one you can interact with would be really helpful.

But I loved the story, and I loved the game. Keep it up!

JO 99 has once again showcased this gorgeous art style in another very gratifying point-and-click adventure game. As always, the music is killer and the artistry is to die for. Gameplay was simple, intuitive, and balanced. The puzzles are plentiful and all very manageable. Unlike many games of the genre, JO 99 almost puts the answers right in your face, you just have to know that you're looking at it. Superb. Keep 'em coming!

love the art but there is a bug if you keep right clicking and hit play it you can beat the entire game in like 5 seconds

i beat the game by going into the secons room right clicking & pressing play twice going down when the cutsene was done go out and i clicked the hand thing and right clicked pressed play andclicked the glowing hand and the i was done

tell me if you figure this out and do it