Reviews for "TOME Episode 08"

Even though I watch it on your website, I want to rate it. :3
I really liked it...quite actually I think it is my 2nd favorite, but I am amusing this is different from TTA.

Kinda peeved at the filesize considering I'm on NG hatin' Verizon :\ But my goodness, was that a half hour, bona fide episode, done in 31MB's? Awesome. IMO, the series has finally settled down structurally... now that the introductions are out of the way, this pleasantly goofy series can really come into its own.

Now, can you please fix this?! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/557775

I watched this series back when you used sprites and when you included voice acting during the finale's it was great now with the edited events make it even better. This series have gotten better from the sprites and the way the story is unfolding makes it all better. Good work and keep it up. I will be watching and waiting for the new episodes no matter how long.


I say smashing. Don not stop making this. Its an very unquie show.

think i heard JonTron? anybody else?