Reviews for "TOME Episode 08"

You sir are spoiling us, episode length from five minutes to twenty-two!!!!!! Love this! Love the plot and development of the characters only question I have is WHAT HAPPENED TO KIRB!!!!! :(
All the characters in this was interesting and the plot just keeps better, some movements were a bit stiff here and there but I can ignore that, the flow of the mood was good, being funny when it wants to be and then being intense when it needs to and he fight scenes were good too.
I thought I recognised some of the voice actors there like Kyle Herbert and Kira Buckland, GOOD JOB TO YOU GUYS KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK XD

MORE give me MORE!

Awesome. Just awesome. Loved the twist, man. Comical and funny when it's supposed to, intense otherwise.

Cool video.

Still love seeing the new episodes when I spot them. The main thing you need to work on to make this better would be if you could keep Zeto's arms consistent (not sure if other characters have same issue he just stands out). Only bad habit I see is the arms randomly flip back and forth for which side they are on. Other then that I am thoroughly enjoying the retelling of your old story.