Reviews for "TOME Episode 08"

finally the gemini tournament
this episode is great
can't wait for the next episode

(excuse my internet grammar) Amazing as usual, but one things I wana point out is that, how was the guy with the sheild able to use his weapon in the tournament, i mean it was in beta. My prediction is that the dustbunny girl (sorry for not using character names) is gona brainwash him or somehow make his forbidden power go off by itself during the next fight and then the webmaster will fight him to ban him, now THAT would be an epic fight. while im not gona try to find all the references a comment below pointed some/all of them out. I still think this would make an AMAZING MMO considering the class customizations. with the oculous rift and other stuff coming out this better be something. im not saying try to work on a game now though, i wana see where this tournament goes from beyond here. Keep up the good work.

Even though I watch it on your website, I want to rate it. :3
I really liked it...quite actually I think it is my 2nd favorite, but I am amusing this is different from TTA.

its about time.

Like all the little easter eggs/ shout outs. I noticed someone point out that Red and Mace from parody rangers, and Liz's character Raleigh are facing eachother in the tiers for the quarter finals, and that the parody rangers moved on to face Sniperwheel in the second round . I hope something comes from that.

The buffer joke completely fooled me when I watched it on the website too. But I also noticed it hid Demon King's round one match too (he's also in the tiers) which was pretty smart.

Liked everything with Nylocke, Sniperwheel, and Saturndiva. Also Foreva, and Anneva were really fun too. Gosh Jon Tron was just had great acting all around this episode. I don't know how you directed him, but he seemed to have the most fun with his character. Every moment with him was gold.

One thing I think you should work on is Kirbopher's dialogue when he's depressed. When he's upset in this episode you tended to write him saying things I don't think he would say. One of the things I'm talking about his line "It's not something you should concern yourself with". I thought the words he used were out of character for him. With his personality I think it would make more sense for him to snap back, and say something like "I said don't worry aboutme! Worry about your own matches!". Because he's a passionate character y'know? Kirb's not dumb, but he's not as eloquent as Gamecrazed, who has such a big vocabulary.

Let's see what else. I thought the pacing was pretty good.

To be honest I'd like to see Alpha, actually miss his match after that cliffhanger just so we can see how he'd react and get more focus on him. Plus Zetto being so PvP happy, probably wouldn't be too happy about it, and I'd like to see how he would react too. I don't think Alpha's earned the winning spot in the tournament yet. He's so out of focus compared to the other main characters. It would feel really weird if he won. Unless there was some sort of twist where he learned how to control the forbidden power from Dustbunny or something and felt tempted to use it to cheat and win. If handled wrong that could be bad for his character I guess, but I would just like to see him move into a different direction.

Good episode. I liked the pacing even though some weird people on your website's comments section didn't. Webmaster lived up to my expectations completely. He was really cool. And Dustbunny, while we didn't see much of her, was interesting too.

Can't wait until the short, and the next episode!