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Reviews for "Kingdom of Liars 3"

Liked it. It was a bit linear than your usual style of games. :/ But I still enjoyed playing it. Good job. And your humor is still great. Hahaha.

Dead as fried chicken. Having just played the latest Sagittarian game, I read this, instantly LOL'd.

Awesome, I liked the way you put in all the other characters from your other games. Great addition to one of my most favorite games. I hope you'll put Baldwine in the next game. Really keeps me waiting for the next game! Keep up the good work!!!

Very cool game! A perfect addition to the series and the connections are phenomenal, very well integrated. My only complaint is that it was very short. It's understandable that the process of making them takes a long time, and making all the artwork can be taxing, but there's a lot you can do with only a small amount of backgrounds and sprites. I really wish these were a bit longer so that the player can get into the story a bit more, but still. Very nice game. :)

Nice reference to Demon Hunter, I have seen where it grows. Lulz