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Reviews for "Kingdom of Liars 3"

(Waiting for the next story)

if you use the old rag on the dead guy it says 'wipe yourself off you dead" heh rush hour references :D

shieit, i got stuck right after you deliver the relic, WHAT SHOULD I DO?
ASIDE FROM THAT, great game, also, i catched the easter eggs from your other games, could it be that you are making a whole lore? i mean world...

Excellent! Pretty much what everyone else said - great to see various different stories coming together, and the whole tone and puzzles of this one were very satisfying. Thank you! I saw today another one of your projects, an RPG, for which you're trying to raise funds. I'd encourage you to think about doing the same thing for Kingdom of Liars. It's such a satisfying world - I'd love to play a longer, deeper series of chapters.

Hyptosis responds:

I will certainly make more Kingdom of Liars, no doubt about that. Luckily it's just a cheaper game to make. The RPG has already cost me a lot of money, and it is barely off the ground. I've already started the next Kingdom of Liars though! Thanks for the support and encouraging words!

won this game it is a very nice game all medals unlocked now I am going to play the 1st and 2nd part which I did not play before playing this game.

Hyptosis responds:

Thank you!