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Reviews for "Kingdom of Liars 3"

super crap

Nice. Best one as of yet.

great adventure...the game was a bit boring only because of lack of voices in the dialogue. the same music was playing for every place i went. a little more music variety would be good. *SPOILER*SPOILER*SPOILER*SPOILER*SPOILER*

that door that required a golden key...that was hella funny. i was totally not expecting that. the games creativity was awesome i loved how you guys thought out of the box for the story and the characters. there is a awkward silence in the game after the music ends . it would be great to have songs play back to back so the players wont feel weird. you made me think in order to progress to the next step of the game...and i loved that! keep that up. you guys should add voices to the dialogues , to keep the game interesting. and more items for us to combine and create and experiment with. other than that great job and i hope your next game kicks ass. - Darthain Out!

It's loading, i hope that this game would kick ass