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Reviews for "Kingdom of Liars 3"

Love your little Planescape Torment reference :D

still a pretty good game but too short

I enjoy your story line and like that you incorporated Hood. I would buy this entire game when it is completed. Do a kickstarter. BTW "nbomb" the last puzzle is pretty straight forward if you pay attention to all the details in the room and have all the items you need.

not to be harsh but this game was horribly half assed. you shoved the plot in without any regard for character development and to make matters worse, the final puzzle made no sense. seriously a let down.

PLEASE tell me the "hand-carved mahogany" thing was an allusion to Sinbad. XD

Oh, and stunning, as always. ;)

Hyptosis responds:

Actually no ;_; It was Emperor's New Groove! D: