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Reviews for "Kingdom of Liars 3"


Loved it. Immersive, a bit creepy and mysterious. Hard enough puzzles, good music (but sometimes stops... d'oh!) and funny dialogs, and even funnier texts when you are clicking on stuff.
And one more thing, you are giving me seizures with all that 753-Vital Bribes thing, and now you make that Rabbit easter-egg... Seriously, are you going to make another Alice Is Dead? (0)_(0)


Awesome! The best one so far, you did a great job on this. I think a quick recap of the story at the beginning of the game would be nice too, just to refresh my memory, especially now that the plot is thickening.

Great game but even though nobody can deny that duck tape mends everything the sound of tape whenever you construct something does not fit into the event or atmosphere. I also think that when the music stops there is just silence which makes the game loose its strength.

Fantastic! The pieces are really coming together now. I loved the allusions to other games, and I really love how all these games are set in the same world. The messages when combining random objects were, as always, hilarious, and add great replayability despite my best efforts to use everything on everything in one playthrough. I think I may have missed a coin, though? Ah well!

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks for playing! Yeah, the coins are for an achieve, not for the story, so it's okay if you didn't get them all!

Yes! So stoked that the 3rd chapter is uploaded for us to play!
I really enjoy the atmosphere that you've created in this series.
It gives off a strange, solitary yet serene vibe that is comforting.
Please keep making these gems!

Hyptosis responds: