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Reviews for "Kingdom of Liars 3"

OH... wow. Well, it was really cool seeing the secret! Really links a few things.

So many references to your past games. ^^

Wow amazing series this game really impressed me since you combined Kingdom of Liars series world with the Hood world series.
I wonder if there gonna be a merge? or that we feel see future chapters of the Hood with Kingdom of Liars characters on them or vice versa.

In a city of rats, be a rat.

I'm a huge fan girl of when creators make references to their other projects, so I loved this chapter of Kingdom of Liars! Even if I did get a little confused on what to do next in a few parts (my brain was probably too focused on Shadetale and the fact that someone is obsessed with Rabbit), to me, this game was wonderful <3

But before writing this, I had to go and replay through Alice is Dead 3 because I'm pretty sure that the assassin from KoL2 is the one who killed the queen in AiD3???