Reviews for "Hawkeye Gamer"

Good quiz game.

I'm not the biggest quiz-game fan, tho it was nice, but actually rather easy...

To be honest I know almost none of the games displayed and I could guess them anyway...

While the game doesn't really test your flashgame-knowledge (unlike the game-quiz mentioned inside the quiz), it is a fun little test on its own, with okay music and somewhat catchy gameplay. What I liked best was learning about several new games that were mentioned here and that look interesting, but the replay value itself is rather limited. Obviously, after a while the challenges repeat themselves.

This game felt very patronizing because it was so easy. I didn't have to know what a majority of the games were, just as long as I paid attention. The music was kind of annoying as well.

GeneralVimes responds:

Thank you, I'll take your review into account when I make the next version.

I gotta be honest I've only played like one or two of these games listed and that's because I just took wild guesses and got most of them right. It's not bad but these games aren't really that memorable to me. :P

played till time trails 88.88 percent, clickednext then nothing happened. pm me when fixed please. rhanks

GeneralVimes responds:

Sorry, I dodn't quite understand you - do you mean that when the time run up in the Time Trial nothing happened after you clicked Next? And you didn't enter the game mode selection screen?