Reviews for "Hawkeye Gamer"

This is a fun and simple game to waste some time with, and the music is very relaxing!
I'm having the same problem another reviewer is having though.
I completed the game all the way through the expert questions with 100%, and when I press the "next" button to go to the time trials nothing happens and it stays on the total progress screen.
This is very disappointing since I spent all of that time getting all of the other medals but I can't progress any further. Please fix this.
Other than that, this is a fun little game.

GeneralVimes responds:

Thank ou very much for the information, I've fixed it. Sorry for the bug, now it must work well :)

Awesome :)

To easy.... I dont even know half the games but its really just find the odd one out of the group :l

there is a bug in lvl 2 in the game awesome planes i donĀ“t get the trophy can you fix that this is an awesome cool games man.

Very gooood! I found my game! :)