Reviews for "Hawkeye Gamer"

Drakkose here replying to your message on Kong. I gave it a good half/play through and enjoyed it. I've played 99% of every game mentioned, and rarely made mistakes. Though i found that there to be the only problem, half way threw the game i was getting lots of doubles on the screenshots. I even played Developer mode *which the real fun of this game* And it still had doubles from easy mode. Though the game selection is good, multiple screen shots from each game per question would take the play-ability to a 5/5.
The mechanics of the game btw, were great. Which is what really brought my rating to a 4/5 =D

GeneralVimes responds:

Thank you very much! Using the same screenshot for several questions (finding an object, multiple selection and finding what's wrong) is caused by the game file size. I managed to keep it around 7Mb, but it could be almost 3 times higher otherwise.

I guessed most of the characters.

nice game
i got 100% in the main mode. i had to redo some questions to get 100%.
keep it up

I gotta be honest I've only played like one or two of these games listed and that's because I just took wild guesses and got most of them right. It's not bad but these games aren't really that memorable to me. :P

When I played this, I realized I have played WAY to many games over the years...