Reviews for "Samsara Room"

The Samsara Room - The room of cyclic death and rebirth? There has to a be some metaphor in this game (or the author is pulling a red herring), but I cannot grasp it.

Otherwise, this game was short and sweet. The puzzles were straight-forward with moderate difficulty, the settings were thematically consistent, and the music was effective in setting the mood. Somethings that I did not quite understand was the underlying significance of the phone, the dead, fat man stuffed in the clock, and his internal environment (dark woods with an egg). I suppose that is what adds to this games bizarreness, which was a conscious choice.

An overall wonderful point-and-click game!

the story is good

i love the mysterious ending

Can anybody please tell me about that music theme that plays while you're being a caterpillar? It reminds me of a certain tune but I can't remember the name of it.

beautiful game and music..finally finished it with a little help from a walkthrough after a couple of months.