Reviews for "Samsara Room"

Wonderful game, spiritual atmosphere and solid puzzles.

It is not a hard point'nclick. It neither is an easy one.
/ The second time of my life I experience this game;.. then I perceive it very different. /

As an artpiece, it is beautiful.

/ Author: Thanks /

Pretty fun. Figuring out the time at the end was difficult. I didn't see before what the clue could have possibly been, but I got it eventually. Going into the guy's mouth was freaky. Lol. Didn't expect that. Anyway, good game. It was fun!

Really short story, all the time the same, nearly no need of thinking. But have a curious twist. So its two and a half stars, for 30 minutes game.

I really love this game. It looks good, the puzzles are interesting and not too difficult (I didn't need a walkthrough even though I often need one) and my favorite thing : the music. It reminded me of Liszt's Gray Clouds, it suits the game perfectly and adds to the weird atmosphere. Not much else to say, congratulations for making this game!