Reviews for "On the John"

Haha pretty funny short!
It would have been great if he squeezed out a little high pitched toot at the end for added comedic value. I could almost sense that the moment was calling for it hehe.
Good stuff here man, keep up the great work!

Excellent way to 'end' it! Great fluid (lol) animation, clean clear voices... other sounds.

I usually say, "Ay, it's a one seater, I'll be out in a minute!" "I'm slaughtering a goat in here!" "You don't want to open that door and see this bro!!" Fuck 'em, my zen will not permit me to move, till my brown baby's been dropped |: "What? You wanna help me wipe?"

I hate it when that happens.

I'm in the john and somebody knocks on the door. Jeez.

Funny movie.