Reviews for "On the John"

I just lost it when he stood at the door and let a big one rip. He made sucha big deal about no one going in there and then he just opens it and does it right in front of the fat dude. Love it.

I really appreciated the colors and the backgrounds. The animation is smooth and the voice acting was top notch. Great sound quality, the art was nice and it complimented the humor.

Also, I share your same fear. But thankfully, I've yet to encounter a door without a lock on it. Great work!

Animations, voice acting and the humor is awesome. Only the story just ended at once?

I have a lock in the door of the bathroom, but this happens when i'm fapping in my bedroom, the only difference is that they don't knock at the door and it's very difficult to hear them coming, i end up giving up in the faps because the fear is too intense

I usually take a page from National Lampoon's "Animal House" in such a situation.

*Falsetto voice* "Come back later, I'm doing the dishes!"

They never think twice.


but slightly temper