Reviews for "Sewer World"

i demand a mute button that increases difficulty.

honestly i seriously don't understand why this isn't a 4+ star submission. but i happen to love this style.

great work. would have given 6 stars but i subtract 1 for lack of difficulty increasing mute button

Floriaen responds:

Hahahahaha :p

+1 for the button

If at least 10 people asks me for the button, I promise to add it.

Music is annoying, controls are awkward and is lacks originality. The graphics aren't very bad but can we get something more than just a few pixels?

it's pretty and dynamic, and the music is interesting, but can we have a mute button as well please.

Floriaen responds:

I can add a mute button that increases the difficulty.
What do you think about that? :p

It's a nice game. The graphics are nice, music is amazing and controls are ok.

But it is very difficult because of that tubes, which hurls swarms of black balls of death almost non-stop. I stopped playing at the level which makes you run through the lake before the water raises up and than you have to jump up through swarms of black balls.
Also, the balls can go through pipes so there is practically no cover from them. When you first encounter them, they can even reach at the place where you spawn at the level.

Other than that, I would like some indicator of how many coins I have collected and how many of them are in the game and maybe death counter. Of course you may already show deaths at the end of the game, I don't know.
And the bunny's jump height seems to differ randomly. But that's just an interesting detail, nothing to complain about.

Floriaen responds:

Hey! Thank you for playing.

Well, you stopped in the last level, that's sad :/
Try to pass through this one, the game will give you the achievement.

The jump height is depending of the position of the rabbit on the ground, slopes are taking in account.

Rather buggy :/