Reviews for "Minecraft: TNA Part 17"

I have always loved Minecraft TNA, but this time I have to gripe about something. My computer couldn't load the whole thing in one go so the video kept stopping over and over again. But that isn't something you could do anything about, so 5/5.
Totally looking forward to the next one.

Falconer02 responds:

Yeah sorry about that, dude. Usually I submit a swf with a preloader on it, but this episode gave Adobe Flash memory errors because the graphics library got so huge. I had to split it into two files and then stitch them together into a video. In the future the episodes should be back to normal!

Finally some action! Loved that animated minecraft gameplay screen for a second.

omg cant wait until part 18 =D

LOL, triple killers, a double sword and a finishing blow pickaxe to the face [don't mind my grammars i don't understand mine either]

I liked the fight and the usage of the firework item but at some point I was hoping for the wither to activate its wither armour.