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Reviews for "Mermaid City"

I found it totally revealing in the storyline that Buster was overcharging for his hot dogs, and if the customers preferred to buy from Chad's hot dog stand, Buster would then threaten to stab Chad's customers. A crappier product at a higher price...jeez, I wonder what "social institution" that sounds like? And in case you didn't get the hint, Buster's dad was a cop who chose to write Chad a ticket for calling 911, yet refused to hold his own son accountable for his thuggish behavior. Color of law, anyone?

This is a good game and all but I'm not sure how to get my own stand set on fire.

How to get bucket: 1: Give hotdog to guy at souvenier shop. 2: Click on the bucket. (Hint: Its next to the snow globes)

Easily Completed The Game KARATE CHOP!

Really have to start giving these MouseCity games worse reviews. They're just so bad... there's no effort put into them and the puzzles don't make any sense. You just try random crap to see what works.