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Reviews for "Mochi.Ninja"

Damn Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cripes, I'm wearing out my R key with this game. I hate this multiple-star crap; it's mostly a way to make the player feel bad about accomplishing the goal. If you want the player to do it with one jump, or in a certain time, or whatever, then it's more honest to just put actual limits on them instead of the soft "oh, everybody's a winner, honey" one-star-out-of-three pandering.

This game is pretty hard to do with one jump! Which is okay! I just really wish it didn't require so much damn precision in mousework--half the time I go for a grappleshot I end up aiming a jump instead, which is as close to the opposite of what I wanted as you can get. (Forcing the player to do it in one jump ameliorates this, too, in part--it liberates you to expand the clickable-shadow of the wall bits, or make the grapple an aim rather than a target, etc etc)

There is one small, non-critical sort of glitchy behavior I noticed, as well, to cover all the feedback bases: If you die and hit R either just before or just after exploding, you'll restart with the R key and then restart when the game remembers you died. Not really enough time between to mess someone up, but it kinda screws with the rhythm and momentum of the gameplay.

Two things.
1. You can stop your velocity in mid-air by jumping. Seems like a bug to me.
2. I really, really hate how the jump like thing twitches into a different length as the power of the jump increases. It makes timing hard and unsteady.
3. Fun game mechanic but the tired mobile-style game format with short back to back levels doesn't appeal to me.

HeroPunchTeam responds:

Thanks for the feedback... The aiming is now fixed!

Fun puzzle game, jumping needs to be improved by letting you aim instead of wait around for forever and then miss the jump anyway.

If you guys didn't know, you have to jump first and THEN use the grappling hook